Other day  in a candid conversation  with Mom , I told her she should give me an appreciation letter that As a Mom she is indebted to me . She was very much startled.  One can't pass my Mom to be a regular mother who cooks , feeds & befriends daughter & hence she surprised me with a reply which should have been a "snort" instead she said , " what happened to the stuff like God couldn't be everywhere hence he created Mom and other related quotations."  or "Are you going to say , It was my job to do grow you up , instigate values etc. I did nothing." Now Mom was getting angry . So , to maintain safe distance I moved away a foot or more .

I begun & initially I did stammer but I did put across my point " see you are a great Mom,however I am a great daughter too ." now she replied with "Ha!!! & how? "   . "Did you ever dance in my school's annual function ?" I asked  ,  she gave me a "what rubbish" look . I smiled & continued , "Did I ever troubled you with "wrong friends" ?" "Did you ever  worried about  which schools & syllabus were best  suited for me & still worry about whether I will get admission in engineering? "

So , you need a testimonial stating you are a great daughter ?  asked Mom.  I said "yes."She hasn't exactly been the part of corporate world , but she knew a testimonial like that could be used in 100s of places, her 'name' 'designation' & 'letter' could be exploited . Its as if , She carried the sole responsibility of Brand "Mom" , she said 'well I don't think a letter like that is good idea' . I was pretty annoyed , Instead of acknowledging she had outright denied me of offering testimonial. So , I said Do you not think I was a good daughter ? I never troubled you with "drinking issues /smoking issues/drug issue/education issue/career issue?"

"First of all , I always wanted you to be Doctor." said Mom , "You , on purpose screwed up the admission process. Remember you took up engineering because You didn't want to choose medicine. The reason for not choosing medicine , because that was my wish . Same with the Job , I had never let you out so early in life , but you yourself took your call & I merely agreed because thts all I could do"  and the Box of Pandora opened." Can you even dare to take up drugs now ? Tell me."  This was a yell . I said , " Mom relax, I am acknowledging that you are a great taskmaster but I executed your tasks well " that's all I am saying .

Mom  said it loud " Ha !! so am a task master now and you are , what Donkey ? You always did what you wanted , You shaped up your career . You shape your personal life . I can merely guide you or advise you. " Now , she was cooling a bit , continued , " though I agree these days kids are not easier to handle , given the exposure they get  nor you can influence the exposure .The least one can do is let the kid be while continue mould his life with better values without forcing them."

She took the remote and flipped channels . That was end of the conversation . Though , I never intended to get a letter from her . It was amazing to now know why  Sanjay Leela Bhansali took his mom on stage when accepting award .

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